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What is the difference between "explosion-proof" and "riot" cameras?

Date:2017-12-15 14:45:23

[CSST exhibition network viewpoint tracking ] a lot of readers to the distinction between "blast" and "riot" does not open, even more will riot products applied in the combustible, high-risk areas that risk is extremely high, even caused the explosion caused serious damage to personal property.Riot is preventing violence, destruction, or resistance to blow, etc, this kind of product has a hard shell, and does not have explosion-proof electrical performance and certification, this is two different nature of the product.

What is the difference between "explosion-proof" and "riot" cameras?

Riot cameras are also known as high-security cameras, anti-impact cameras, anti-impact cameras, and vandal-proof cameras.As the name suggests, the anti-riot camera is a camera that can guarantee the normal working of the parts under the attack of foreign violence. The characteristic is that the shell has a strong impact resistance.

Explosion-proof camera belongs to explosion-proof monitoring products, explosion-proof industry is to monitor the cross product of the industry, because in a high risk of combustible, explosive field cannot use the conventional camera products, need to have the function of explosion-proof and have relevant certificates issued by the national authoritative organization of products can be explosion-proof camera.

For explosion-proof cameras, it is a work that small enterprises cannot complete, which can be called explosion-proof cameras in accordance with national standards.Unlike riot cameras, explosion-proof cameras are more demanding in monitoring technology.Whether it is analog camera or network digital video camera, the high resolution is the future trend of explosion-proof camera.

In the aspect of night vision monitoring, the anti-riot camera attaches more importance to the external protection ability, so the image effect is the same as that of the normal surveillance camera.Explosion-proof cameras are applied in different fields due to the particularity of application field.

A mine for example, considering the particularity of underground mining, it is very sensitive to stability;The cold light source explosion-proof camera is the first choice.

The integrity of the explosion-proof camera, except for monitoring the probe, explosion-proof protective cover, explosion-proof cloud platform, explosion-proof codec and so on are all key.The ordinary monitoring camera adopts aluminum material case, while the explosion proof equipment adopts special steel shell, and there are obvious differences in the natural carrying capacity.

With the deepening of the industrial security monitoring program, both explosion-proof cameras and anti-riot cameras have their unique market share.Security cameras are growing at a rate of 20% to 30% a year, though they account for a fifth of the market.

But with the increase of the base, the explosion-proof camera market will also improve significantly.

The riot camera is just a matter of the outer shell, and the inner core is not much different from the ordinary high-speed ball.So, apart from the shell, the camera core really doesn't matter?

At present, the explosion-proof product manufacturer has strengthened the attention of the internal structure of the anti-riot camera, and may use the integrated machine core to better complete the anti-riot function.

Because the explosion-proof cameras are installed in dangerous places such as flammable gas or poisonous and harmful, it is necessary to observe the surrounding environment of the monitoring facilities in the early stage of installation.Use portable combustible gas alarm for field detection;

Set up temporary local strong ventilation with explosion-proof ventilator;In the installation of wiring process, strict use of open fire, and cables must be made of insulating materials.

In the literal sense, the anti-impact force of the anti-riot camera is good and the anti-explosion camera. In fact, it is wrong to understand that the anti-impact force of the anti-riot camera is lower than that of the latter.

At present, there is a kind of explosion-proof camera that can replace the lens, reduce the cost and maintain it more conveniently. It may be a reference point for both "explosion-proof" devices.

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