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Smart law enforcement solutions.

Date:2017-12-18 12:08:01

1. Background overview

In order to improve law enforcement capability and solve the problem of shortage of law enforcement personnel, it is necessary to install monitoring system on patrol law enforcement vehicle and transmit the image to the monitoring center in real time.Based on the above requirements, set up comprehensive on-board wireless video monitoring system, realizing the centralized management, monitoring of distribution, to cope with an emergency, important accurate records the scene situation, ensure the integrity and authenticity of the emergency process.

2. System composition




3. Functional description

Emergency command function

Achieve the function of emergency to collect, display, report: in the command center internal energy transmission through the network real time receiving and display, and other means of communication, to report an emergency scene text, pictures, language information, and can be read at any time through terminal server and display subsystem of emergency information and photographs.

Realize remote command function: in the execution of a sudden task, can rely on wireless network, use language, text, picture information to realize quickly to each subsystem and the scene real-time remote command.

Emergency command auxiliary decision functions: through geographical information system, electronic maps, and other related software, fast query, according to police deployment situation, tactical calculation, provided the reliable reference data for artificial response plans.

Remote monitoring function

Video monitoring quality requirements are clear and reliable, and the key video point requires hd (720P, 1080P).

In the case of a mountainous area or a rural area with a poor 3G network model, video signals are transmitted through satellite channels to realize real-time monitoring of the "process" site.

By equipped with GPS/ beidou terminal, it can display the positions of the combatants in real time on gis and digital map, and provide basis for the correct implementation of the command by the bureau leaders;

By using the "three-level network" of province, land and city, all monitoring targets of each subsystem can be monitored or read in real time.


Video conference function.

To implement the functions of various leaders' deployment meetings;

Realize the function of holding remote video conference (directly connected with front-line scene).

Mobile terminal client support.

Comprehensive monitoring management platform in addition to supporting the client to watch TV wall and computer, can also support mobile terminal client or landing PAD, mainly to remote command deployment of law enforcement in the leadership of the relevant departments need to.

In view of the different types of mobile phone users at the same time, we provide two solutions: one is mobile streaming media watch, advantage is easy to use, does not require users to additional installation of mobile phone software, direct use;There are many types of mobile phones, and there is no need to match each phone.The second is different according to different development the smartphone operating system of client software, the system of mobile phone function mainly support video watching, video recording, image capture and upload, yuntai control, communication, etc., at the same time support mobile client somehow screen switching, D1/720 p video format.

4. Application cases




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