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The AI bank is testing the water: it's time for the face to pay for business "face to face".

Date:2017-12-26 14:51:09

In the past few days, alipay has been the first to test the water "face payment" in the KFC KPRO restaurant in vientiane city of hangzhou, which seems to be the new pattern of payment.A number of Banks have been pushing "face to face", and CCB has announced that it will be able to "pay for the face", which means that future payments will change dramatically.

  Will bank CARDS disappear in the future?

  Agricultural bank of China, China merchants bank, China construction bank are more radical explorers of AI technology, launched in succession ATM "brush face withdrawals" function, don't need id card, don't need a bank card, according to the prompt operation, money is their "vomit".In 2016, China merchants bank realized the function of "brush face withdrawal" on nearly 1,000 ATM machines in 106 cities nationwide.

Recently, the construction bank has announced that it can pay for the use of the face, not password, no mobile phone, only to show face when paying, and then enter the four digits of the phone number to complete the payment.What is more exciting is the new authentication method announced by CCB - 0.It means giving up some tools and getting tired and replacing mobile phones, passwords and bank CARDS with our own biological features.This will not only promote the application of "brush face payment", but also accelerate the payment of new pattern.In the future, bank CARDS may disappear.

  Is it safe to "swipe your face" and "swipe your face"?

  The bank’s “face-lifting withdrawal” uses face recognition technology. It uses the biological characteristics of the human face to capture images on-site through the camera. The system compares the consistency of the on-site photos and the ID photos and can only perform related operations after passing. . The specific operation is as follows:

  It is understood that in order to protect the safety of brush "face" withdrawal, brush face a withdrawal by infrared living detection technology, biological recognition technology, can resist photo, in face of video, remake, such as 3 d head mask attack.In addition, there are living tests such as silent living, active living, lip-speaking and binocular biopsy.In addition, face recognition, mobile phone number verification and password verification are unified to carry out multiple protection.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of funds, China merchants bank and agricultural bank's face withdrawal system limit users' daily withdrawal limit is 3,000 yuan, and the construction bank is capped at 2,500 yuan.At the same time, the construction bank can also choose to "brush face withdrawal" to make changes to the existing face photos in the system, or to close the face withdrawal function.In addition, the current brush face withdrawal does not support deposits, transfers and inter-bank withdrawals.

  "Face time" really came.

  With the development of technology, face recognition technology has become more and more popular.

On August 25, wuhan railway station comprehensively announced: brush face to enter station;

On September 1, alipay fired the first shot, announcing that it would pay for its commercial use.

On September 5, a large number of hotels in hangzhou did not use id CARDS, and their faces were checked in.

On September 6th HSBC announced the use of face recognition technology.

On Sept. 7, jingdong suning tried to pay with a face and a face to take away the goods;

On September 11, Beijing normal university announced that students' dormitory will be fully opened.


  The face is endowed with more and more functions. In the future, we can walk all over the world without cell phone, bank card or id card.Are you looking forward to it?

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