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Thermal power plant safety protection system solution.

Date:2017-12-26 15:19:08

Background and challenges

Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of national economy, China's electric power industry has also achieved rapid growth.By the end of 2013, China's current generator accounted for 69% of total installed capacity of thermal power, hydropower accounts for 22%, other generation accounted for 9%, thermal power is still the main way to generate electricity in China, is the main force of electric power production.

In recent years, international and domestic terrorist activities have been active, and major and malignant terrorist incidents have occurred frequently.Reliable power supply relates to the stability of the society. As a major power production enterprise, thermal power plant can easily become the target of terrorist attack, and it belongs to the target of prevention, and the task of anti-terrorism is heavy and responsible.Combining with domestic anti-terrorism situation in recent years, to strengthen the standardization of safety standardization construction of power facilities, the ministry of public security under the state council in conjunction with the national energy administration formulate a "security risk rating power facilities and safety requirements" (GA1089-2013, hereinafter referred to as the "security requirements"), the "security requirements" on September 30, 2013, in issued by the ministry of public security, on November 1, 2013.

Safe guard system in coal-fired power plant covers many subsystems, systems including video monitoring system, access control system, parking management system, intrusion alarm system, electronic patrolling system, etc.According to our company for part of the power of investigation and design institute of communication, found that most of the power plant only have video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, entrance guard system, part of the access control system, and the existing system has not effective application, the system function, resource sharing and business integration exist such as the following aspects: the improvement on

1) the existing video monitoring system has low utilization rate and low intelligence degree, and there are still monitoring blind spots in some key areas;

Each system has its own division of functions in the implementation of functions. In general, it is necessary to install configuration software and operating software, resulting in redundancy of hardware and software of the machine room.

2) there is no integrated management system for security in the power plant, and the unified monitoring of equipment can not be realized, which increases the system operation and maintenance cost and security risks.

3) there is no unified database, unable to realize information sharing internally, and unified management and maintenance of system data;

4) the system linkage is mostly limited to hardware linkage, increasing the complexity of implementation and maintenance;

5) unable to configure global plan to achieve business optimization under unified platform;

6) the system administrator should be familiar with various management clients with different styles and different control logic, which can easily lead to business imperfection or omission of work;

7) it is impossible to remotely view the operation data of the whole system, and most of the system information will not be used in the management room, which is not conducive to the upper management.

In view of the above analysis, the current power plant integrated security management is an urgent need to a unified management platform, integration of system resources, optimize the business management, reduce the cost of investment and operational costs.

The construction of the target

As the core of the anti-terrorist protection of thermal power plant, the importance of stable operation is self-evident.In order to meet the safety management of the fire power plant, a modern management system for thermal power plant needs to be established.The system is supported by modern information technology, and network connectivity, information sharing and application function are complete. The following goals are mainly achieved:

1) unified integration of subsystems.

2) digitalization and intelligence.

3) unified management platform.

4) open architecture.

5) support hd monitoring.

The solution

The overall topology diagram of the system is shown as below:

The safety guard system of the thermal power plant is composed of the front-end system, transmission network and central system.

In the process of system design, in addition to the standard specification of power safety precaution, appropriate technical innovation will be made.The safety protection system of thermal power plant can realize the following functions:

: 1) the hd video monitoring system access to more than 1080 p and high-definition cameras, improving the quality of video and security level, meet the demand of detail monitoring (face, vehicles), support hd video storage;

2) intelligent analysis and recognition: behavior analysis, face recognition and license plate recognition;

3) security systems integration, video monitoring, entrance guard management, visitor management, on-line patrol, car park management, intrusion alarm subsystem, such as integration, between each subsystem according to the plan;

4) three-dimensional regulation mode: front-end, defend the control center by two-stage vertical regulation, fixed network using C/S and B/S mode to access, mobile network through the handheld terminal (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) to regulate;

5) system operation and maintenance management: IT infrastructure management, video quality diagnosis, bandwidth optimization and control, asset management, and log management.

Plan highlights

1. Comprehensive integration of various technical defense systems.

System can integrate all safety basic dimension system in thermal power plants, including video monitoring system, entrance control system, intrusion alarm system, petrol system, unified integration application, information data interaction between across systems, automatic alarm linkage response and preparedness, to improve the overall power station early warning defense ability comprehensively.

2. Integrated application of multiple intelligent technologies.

System using a variety of intelligent analysis technology, the real-time video stream and video playback video frame by frame analysis, automatic filtering useless video image, let the security staff to focus on "value" of the video.The application of intelligent technology, equivalent to plant configuration "never fatigue" security, and become passive monitoring to active monitoring, achieve power station security events beforehand to prevent ", matter processing, afterwards analysis ".

3. Perfect operation and maintenance management mechanism.

System can realize the video equipment, alarm equipment, access equipment, intercom equipment, patrolling, network devices, storage devices, application servers, middleware, database systems, business application system and all kinds of equipment and equipment room power and environment resources, the real-time monitoring of early warning, and through standard routing operations management, will manage the data electronically, management process standardization, thus for the entire network running environment build a unified, perfect, take the initiative to streamline operations, standardized service, and centralized management, improve operational management capabilities.



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