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The solution of safety protection system of hydropower station.

Date:2017-12-26 15:20:01

Background and challenges

Large hydropower stations have the characteristics of large installed capacity, which affect the regional power supply.At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the operation and maintenance of the power station. Once a power station fails, it will cause widespread power failure and seriously affect the social harmony and stability.

In recent years, international and domestic terrorist activities have been active, and major and malignant terrorist incidents have occurred frequently.Reliable power supply to the stability of the society, the relationship between hydropower station as an important power production enterprises, power station reservoir, the dam (including auxiliary dam), the powerhouse, diversion channels can easily become a target for terrorist attacks, belongs to the key object, to prevent anti-terrorism task and responsibility.Combining with domestic anti-terrorism situation in recent years, to strengthen the standardization of safety standardization construction of power facilities, the ministry of public security under the state council in conjunction with the national energy administration formulate a "security risk rating power facilities and safety requirements" (GA1089-2013, hereinafter referred to as the "security requirements"), the "security requirements" on September 30, 2013, in issued by the ministry of public security, on November 1, 2013.

Hydropower station security anti-terrorist system covers many subsystems, form a system including video monitoring system, entrance management system, intelligent IC card system, intrusion alarm system, operation management system, perimeter water detection system, emergency command system, etc.According to our company for part of the hydropower investigation and design institute of communication, found that most of the hydropower station has only video monitoring system, gateway management system, intrusion alarm system, entrance guard system and other parts of the system, and the existing system has not effective application, the system function, resource sharing and business integration exist such as the following aspects: the improvement on

1) the existing video monitoring system has low utilization rate and low intelligence degree, and there are still monitoring blind spots in some key areas;

2) each system has its own division of functions in the implementation of functions. In general, it is necessary to install configuration software and operating software, resulting in redundancy of hardware and software of the machine room;

3) there is no integrated management system of security in the power plant, which can not realize unified monitoring of equipment, which increases the system operation and maintenance cost and security risks.

4) there is no unified database, unable to realize information sharing internally, and unified management and maintenance of system data;

5) the system linkage is mostly limited to hardware linkage, increasing the complexity of implementation and maintenance;

6) system software linkage is not sensitive, the linkage interface style is poor, it is not easy to observe operation;

7) it is impossible to remotely view the operation data of the whole system, and most of the system information will not be used in the management room, which is not conducive to the upper management.

8) there is no unified security platform for integrated management.

In view of the above analysis, the existing hydropower station security on terror management urgently need a unified management platform, integration of system resources, optimize the business management, reduce the cost of investment and operational costs.

The construction of the target

Hydropower station security anti-terrorist system is a set of hardware, software, network in the integration of comprehensive monitoring system, iVMS platform software as the core, to implement multiple business fusion monitoring, the monitoring center can be on the front end system centralized monitoring and unified management, the escort for the stable operation of hydropower station.

After the system is completed, the following objectives are achieved:

1) important areas in the factory should have no monitoring blind spots and monitoring points to output video signals normally, so as to ensure that the monitoring center is fully monitoring and supervising the whole plant.

2) in important area of the factory to support high-definition monitor point to point, personnel's face to see into the area, and support the behavior analysis, in their case once found abnormal situation (e.g., trespassing, hovered, aggregation), able to timely report to the police;

3) enter the gate of the factory to deploy the visitor system, and connect with the public security system to verify the identity information of the personnel entering the factory, so as to avoid the damage caused by the infiltration of the wanted personnel into the plant;

4) to facilitate the management, the factory adopts the intelligent IC card system, for different people (employees, contractors and visitors) for authorization, import and export management, access control management, elevator layer control, and other functions into an organic whole, production area and office area are obviously isolation;

5) gateway management system mainly deployed in into the factory gates and production area, in addition to the authentication through the license plate recognition, still need to combine one cartoon system, only the vehicles and personnel are sure is correct, to open the vehicle brake;

6) the intrusion alarm system needs to be managed separately by the mobile ring alarm host, which can realize the alarm linkage with video monitoring and lighting.

7) emergency command system as an important technical guarantee of anti-terrorist emergency and accident management, accident, need field personnel immediately back to the scene of the accident situation, and timely, accurate and comprehensive field condition will feedback to the control center.

The solution

The overall topology diagram of the system is shown as below:

The antiterrorism system of hydropower station is composed of the front-end system, transmission network and central system.The system can implement the following functions.

: 1) the hd video monitoring system access to more than 1080 p and high-definition cameras, improving the quality of video and security level, meet the demand of detail monitoring (face, vehicles), support hd video storage;

2) intelligent analysis and recognition: behavior analysis, face recognition and license plate recognition;

3) security systems integration, video monitoring, entrance guard management, visitor management, on-line patrol, car park management, intrusion alarm subsystem, such as integration, between each subsystem according to the plan;

4) one-card integration: collect visitors, access control, attendance, patrol, parking and consumption functions, and coordinate with the monitoring points for visual personnel positioning;

5) three-dimensional regulation mode: front-end, defend the control center by two-stage vertical regulation, fixed network using C/S and B/S mode to access, mobile network through the handheld terminal (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) to regulate;

6) system operation and maintenance management: IT infrastructure management, video quality diagnosis, bandwidth optimization and control, asset management, and log management.

Plan highlights

1. Reliable system design.

2. Excellent system architecture.

3. Clear image quality.

4. Advanced intelligent analysis.

5. Professional center storage.

6. Practical sense of things.

7. Cutting-edge mobile applications.


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