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Wind farm integrated security system solution.

Date:2017-12-26 15:22:51

Background and challenges

The strategic action plan for energy development (2014-2020) shows that to optimize the energy structure, we need to develop clean and low-carbon energy as the main direction of energy restructuring.As a kind of clean renewable energy, wind energy is very popular.However, because the site selection of wind power requirements and land, wind farms in remote areas, general and covers an area of broad, on-site production area is bigger also, this will give the daily production safety, property, security, operational management bring so much inconvenience.

The comprehensive security system function, resource sharing and business integration of wind farm have the following aspects to be improved:

1) the existing video monitoring system has low utilization rate and low intelligence degree, and there are still monitoring blind spots in some key areas;

2) is affected by the geographical position, the wind farm are faced with the operating environment is also very significant difference, the device may encounter wind, dust, freezing and other bad environment, leading to equipment failure rate is high;

3) video monitoring system has no information interaction with production monitoring system, and there is no video review when operation or failure;

4) during the inspection process, the on-site behavior of the personnel cannot be controlled through the whole process, and there will be situations where the work is not done according to the safety standard and the work efficiency is not high;

5) the system runs independently, and other auxiliary subsystems such as environmental monitoring, exit and entry management, access control system and fire control system are not well connected with the wind power station.

6) in general, all systems need to install and configure software and operating software, resulting in the redundancy of hardware and software of the machine room, the operation of the system administrator, or omission of work;

7) there is no unified database, unable to realize information sharing internally, and unified management and maintenance of system data;

The construction of the target

Wind power has become the third largest generator type, to ensure the safety of wind farm operation, improve the efficiency of wind power generation and power, on our country's economic development, social stability and has important significance.Because area widely distributed, the scene fan operating equipment patrol is difficult, poor timeliness, urgent need to increase the corresponding technical measures to ensure safety in production, and poor old system definition, the low degree of intensive, intellectualized degree is weak, thus it is an urgent need to build a set of adapt to the comprehensive monitoring management system of modern management in wind farm, to eventually wind "smart, efficient, safe and reliable operation.The system is supported by modern information technology, and network connectivity, information sharing and application function are complete. The following goals are mainly achieved:

1) set up the comprehensive monitoring management system covering the wind farm, the wind farm operation, equipment comprehensive management, meet the wind farm monitoring room scene management, global regulation, regional monitoring center management demands of mobile office;

2) for video surveillance, intrusion alarm, inward and outward management, environmental monitoring, fire alarm, intelligent control systems such as integrated management, through the unified client, to ensure efficient applications.

3) combined with the emergency response mechanism deployment plan, respond and deal with emergencies quickly, effectively prevent and control the safety incidents, and reduce and control the risk of accidents;

4) make full use of video resources, monitor the operating environment of power generation facilities, regulate operation, maintenance and repair process, and ensure the stable operation of wind farms;

5) to form various statistical reports through existing information resources for the leadership to make overall decisions;

6) adopt high-tech means to grasp the fault information such as not online and abnormal work in the first time, eliminate faults in time, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The solution

The overall topology diagram of the system is shown as below:

Wind farms integrated security system is a set of hardware, software, network in the integration of comprehensive security systems, iVMS platform software as the core, to implement more fusion monitoring business, in the master control room, the monitoring center can be on the front end system centralized monitoring and unified management, for the wind farm production safety and efficient operation.

The system can realize the following functions:

: 1) the hd video monitoring system access to more than 1080 p and high-definition cameras, improving the quality of video and security level, meet the demand of detail monitoring (face, vehicles), support hd video storage;

2) intelligent analysis and identification: 10 behavioral detection, 3 abnormal detection, 2 feature recognition and 1 statistical analysis;

3) assist system integration: video monitoring, intrusion alarm, inward and outward management, environmental monitoring, fire alarm, intelligent control system integration, such as between each subsystem according to the plan;

4) three-dimensional regulation mode: front end (including wind turbines and booster station site), wind booster station control room, regional center level 3 vertical regulation, fixed network using C/S and B/S mode to access, mobile network through the handheld terminal (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) to regulate;

5) integrated operational management: realize the monitory point, platform, server, DVR, NVR, storage devices, such as relevant equipment for centralized monitoring, video monitoring system of distribution in the different network segments of various kinds of video equipment for unified management.

Plan highlights

1) intelligence: multi-smart technology integration application.

2) efficient: the technical defense system is deeply integrated.

3) reliable: perfect operation and maintenance management mechanism.

4) security: effective data security strategy.

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