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Visual solutions for online monitoring of pollution sources.

Date:2017-12-26 15:24:08


Background and challenges

With the rapid development of China's economy and urbanization and the rapid improvement of living standards, the state and society have begun to pay more and more attention to the protection of surrounding environment.For a long time, the supervision and management of environmental pollution, environmental protection law enforcement lack effective supervision means, excessive discharge and the phenomenon of stealing and discharging, the task of environmental monitoring is heavy and difficult.

Traditional way of fixed-point environment monitoring, has the certain limitation and the one-sidedness, cannot do the overall monitoring, environment in environmental monitoring, emergency, the supervision of the law enforcement process, often is limited by terrain, the environment, transport and other adverse factors.Pollution sources on-line monitoring visualization system through all-round front-end layout, implementation of pollution real-time, accurate and comprehensive information collection, build the wisdom of all-weather, three-dimensional, multi-level environmental perception system, that makes sense to monitor more thoroughly, more comprehensive resource integration, intelligent application further.

The construction of the target

1) detection of pollution sources: using the maneuverability of unmanned aerial vehicles and the high altitude observation ability of the cloud platform camera, timely detection of pollution phenomena and locating the pollution sources;

2) obtain the image data of the pollution source: the collected image and the monitoring data are mutually verified to ensure the reliability of the monitoring data;

3) data and image overlay display: in the monitoring center, the image and monitoring data are superimposed to display, making the supervision more convenient and intuitive;

4) comprehensive monitoring of pollution sources: use uav to monitor small workshop and other scattered sources of pollution, and achieve multi-dimensional multi-dimensional access to pollution image data.

The solution

Pollution sources on-line monitoring visualization system is a set of hardware, software, network in the integration of large-scale network monitoring system, iVMS platform software as the core, realize multi-stage network and cross-regional monitoring, the monitoring center can be on the front end system centralized monitoring and unified management.

A schematic diagram of the visual system architecture for online monitoring of pollution sources.


Plan highlights


Unmanned aerial vehicle (uavs) - ultra-distance monitoring.

Aerial surveys using high-performance eagle series of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), wide horizon, flexible movement, using three axis camera haeundae, 30 x optical zoom, support for 12 times digital zoom, sewage outlet of ultra distance monitoring situation, promote found stealing rows leakage behavior ability;

Unmanned aerial vehicle - super-stable image acquisition.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has a self-stabilizing system and independent attitude measurement sensor, which ensures that the uav can shoot stable scene images during the flight.

Same platform management

The data collected from the three dimensions can be connected to the same management platform, which is conducive to the construction of three-dimensional and multi-level image database.

Yuntai camera --- far away from the sky.

High-magnification yuntai camera Settings in the higher area of town, with "stand high, look far, global monitoring for urban environment, both the big scene, give attention to two or morethings and close-up shot can achieve specific goals, can meet the town of from 1 km to 5 km monitoring requirements, conducive to the environmental protection department of early detection of pollution source;

Fixed-point monitoring - multi-dimensional data collection.

Fixed-point monitoring using star grade high-definition cameras or thermal imaging cameras, meet under the condition of low illumination, realize to the controlled, provincial and municipal sewage outlet, the production process, and other important parts of the control of pollution sources for all-weather real-time monitoring, and from ordinary light, heat and dimensional analysis pollution situation such as data.


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